Alden Jones




13 (season 1) 14 (season 2)

Hair color:


Eye color:



Mr Jones (father)
Mrs Jones (mother)
Daisy (2nd oldest sister)
Violet (older sister)
Lily (oldest sister)
Doug (uncle)

Love Interests:

Sharon Spitz (girlfriend)
Marlo (ex-girlfriend)


Brock Leighton
Carmen Zola
Maria Wong



Alden Jones is the height of being cool. Guys like him, girls flock to him, he is good-looking and easygoing, but the nicest thing about Alden is that he has no clue just how adorable or popular he is to others. He is always stunned when he hears that girls think he is cute. “Me? Are you sure?” Not that Alden is uncomfortable with the ladies. He has three sisters, so girls are no big mystery to him. He was comfortable enough to talk about periods with Sharon after she got hers.

Like a lot of guys, Alden is into video games and sports. He is a talented hockey player, and plays guitar in a band called Mangled Metal with his buddies, Brock and Carmen. They practice really hard, and the band has gotten pretty good, They will not be playing venues like Madison Square Garden any time soon, but that does not stop Alden from having rock-star dreams.

Alden is Sharon’s first crush and boyfriend.


  • Alden was born on January 17, 1988.
  • Alden is a talented sketch artist, able to create portraits and artwork.
  • It is rumored that Alden is based on a real life crush Alicia Silverstone had when she was 13 years old.
  • Alden's family owns a restaurant.


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