Brock Leighton




13 (season 1) 14 (season 2)

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Mr Leighton (father)
Mrs Leighton (mother)

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Maria Wong (girlfriend)


Alden Jones
Carmen Zola



Brock Leighton is Alden Jones' best buddy and co-founder of their music band Mangled Metal.

He is the kind of guy who is always trying to get people's attention. If you drew a map of Brock's brain, there would be a corner for the band, a couple of parts labeled "school" and "sports", then a great big chunk reserved for thinking about girls. He worked really hard at his "ladies' man" persona, but was not fooling anyone—especially Maria. Brock has had a not-so-secret crush on Maria for a long time.

Deep down, Brock is not as confident as he seems. In fact, he was kind of jealous of how easy it was for Alden to meet girls and still come off looking cool. Toward the end of the eighth grade and into the ninth, Brock became Maria's boyfriend. Sharp-eyed individuals could have seen Brock writing "Brock + Maria" in his science notebook.

Brock's relationship with his father was not a pleasant one. Mr. Leighton was always pushing Brock toward academic excellence and viewed any diversion from the goal as a waste of effort.

He was particularly opposed to Brock's musical aspirations, even when they got performances at prestigious events.[1] Another example was when Brock was writing and directing a play[2], he dismissed it as a waste of time, ordering him to go home to do his math homework.

His song to Maria

"It starts with an "M" and ends with an "A", No it's not my Ma, it's Maria"


  • Brock is the captain of the school hockey team, a position earned by his ability to score consistent hat-tricks. It appears he also can apply this skill to other sports, since he kicked a football towards a precise target over a great distance as a publicity stunt during his electoral campaign.
  • Brock didn't meet Sharon until 7th grade. The day they met, he played a practical joke that wasn't received well, although Sharon avoided being tricked at the last minute.


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