Connor MacKenzie




13 (season 1) 14 (season 2)

Hair color:


Eye color:



Mr MacKenzie (father)
Aunt (Ethan's mother)
Ethan (cousin)

Love Interests:

Tally (former girlfriend)
Alyson Malitski (girlfriend)


Sharon Spitz
Maria Wong



Connor MacKenzie has been Sharon's neighbor and friend since their diaper days.

Connor and Sharon enjoy all the same stuff. Thanks to his awkwardness, allergies and a touch of hypochondria, Connor has a reputation as an oddball - but Sharon and his good friends know that he is way more than 'the walking sneeze.' He is a whiz at science and math, believes in extra-terrestrial life, and he plays a wicked game of cards. When it comes right down to it, Connor does not care what most people think of him. He is okay with himself, and as long as his friends are, too, what could be the problem with that? He lacks guy friends, and Sharon and Maria describe him as more of a 'girl's guy'.

Relationship with Alyson

Up until the episode "Triangles", it can be assumed that Connor dislikes Alyson, due to the fact she was constantly by Nina's side, tormenting Sharon. But after Alyson's firefighter father saves Connor from a fire at Life Cycles, Connor and Alyson grow close and learn that there is much more to each other as people than their reputations. By the end of the episode, Connor and Alyson start dating and remain a happy couple for the rest of the series.


  • Connor apparently has an inability to ride a bike, since he relies on Sharon or Maria to give him rides on their bikes. Although he did learn to ride one much later.
  • Connor practices Tai Chi.
  • Connor practises fencing with Alyson.
  • He is highly entertained when his grandfather and father are together in the same room, since they inevitably argue about nonsensical topics, the most common one being whether the grass in Elkford is greener than the grass in Ireland.