Unknown, possibly early 40s

Hair color:


Eye color:





Why would anyone want to be his friend?


Sharon Spitz

Fred was Leena's overbearing and usually unpleasant agent.

He was solely responsible for forcing her to do many things she would rather not have done, with the implied threat if she did not follow his instructions her music career would be over.

He also stood in the way of Leena making genuine friends because every gesture of friendship Sharon made was prevented mostly by him.
It is possible that the reason he resists Leena having "normal" friends is he believes she should only have celebrity friends. He actually tells her that she has plenty of real (famous) friends and doesn't need to make more.
In actuality, Leena had no friends at all!

Fred claims Leena has a problem with stalkers, but given his controlling attitude towards her, this is most likely a lie to make her think ordinary people are dangerous. At one point, he even claimed that Sharon was trying to poison Leena when she shared her snacks with the teen singer.

And it appears the security guards that work for him are also involved in the scam, since they also claim similar falsehoods, particularly in response to Sharon's overtures of friendliness.

Fred had the traditional appearance of an aging male trying too hard to convince people he is still young, snazzy suits, ponytail and excessive gold jewellery.

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