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Helen Spitz





Hair color:


Eye color:

Hazel[citation needed]


Richard Spitz (ex-husband)
Adam and Josh Spitz (sons)
Sharon Spitz (daughter)
Judy (sister)
Jerry (cousin)

Love Interests:

David (boyfriend)


Marsha Lupinski



Dr. Helen Spitz is one lovely, hard-working lady. She is the divorced, single mother of Sharon and her brothers, Adam and Josh, as well as a professional psychologist who sees clients in her home office. Despite having to juggle a lot of balls in the air, Helen is a great mom who does her best to stay "in touch" with her kids. Sharon sums up her mother in three sentences: "Means well. Love her dearly. Doesn't get it." She and her ex-husband, Richard Spitz, got divorced when their daughter was six and their sons were nine and three, respectively, but they are still good friends and get along well. Helen is currently dating a man named David,[1] whom Helen's kids do like, even though Sharon admitted that she thought David is "kind of 'dorky'".


  • She specializes in Trauma Counselling.
  • When Helen was younger, she had a hairstyle that was similar to Sharon's.
  • Helen's mother died of lung cancer due to a lifetime of smoking.
  • It is never revealed what Helen's maiden name was before she and Richard got married, or why she kept the name "Spitz."



  1. The Divorce Thing

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