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Josh Spitz
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10 (Season 1)
11 (season 2)

Hair color:

Light Brown

Eye color:

Bright green


Helen Spitz (mother)
Richard Spitz (father)
Adam Spitz (older brother)
Sharon Spitz (sister)
Judy (maternal aunt)
Jerry (cousin)





Char josh
Josh Spitz (voiced by Michael Cera) is a ten-year-old piano prodigy, and he spends a lot of time practicing symphonies by various dead guys. Because of this, Sharon often says to anyone who needs to see him, "If you're looking for my little brother, just shut your eyes and follow the sound of classical music!" Some day, Josh will definitely be a professional musician like his dad. Away from the piano, Josh is a totally average kid. He likes video games, fast food and playing with the family dogs and cats.

Sharon cares deeply for Josh and the two couldn't be closer. The two tend not to argue, other than when he's been a nuisance, such as when Sharon wanted to spend time with Alden, only for Josh to go and spoil it for her at every turn (his mocking reactions when he learned of her hoped romance with Alden didn't go down too well with her and proved bad for him during the outcome). Josh's piano playing also tends to get on Sharon's nerves while she's doing a task like homework, or writing an email to a 'special someone'. Sharon and Josh get along really well - except when he's having a bratty day. But basically, for a little brother...Josh is pretty cool.

Josh also went through a period when he thought that Alyson was in love with him. In one episode she spent a lot of time with him as she liked both the way he played the piano and his selection songs. Alyson even went so far as saying that he played like another piano player she liked. Josh tried getting in a relationship with Alyson by giving her a flower and holding hands, but realized Alyson loved being Connor's girlfriend. However, Alyson told Josh that she would still like to remain his friend. Despite all this, when it comes to giving out advice to her, his family or anyone willing to listen Josh is, at times, wise beyond his years . Perhaps because of his innocent and childish perceptions he sees things in a clearer and less complicated way than the others.


  • Josh is a terrible artist, but he is under the delusion he's actually good at it.
  • He's very fond of Sharon's oatmeal cookies.
  • He had a crush on Alyson in Lucky Break
  • He was kissed two times, once from Sharon and once from Alyson


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