Lee Wong

Lee Wong, home from college for Christmas

Maria and Lee Wong

Sisters Lee and Maria Wong

Lee and Mrs Wong

Lee and her mother

Lee Wong is Maria's older sister who is away from home most of the time attending college. From the casual way they conversed, she and Sharon have a fairly easy and relaxed relationship. Which also speaks of a close relationship with her sister.

Like Maria, Lee is half-Chinese and half-Italian.

Lee was seen twice but was mentioned several times by Maria in conversations with her friends. Once, she was home one winter to spend Christmas with her family[1]. Another time was with Sharon and the Wong family at a snowboarding competition[2].

The familial resemblance of the Wong women is strong, the looks of the mother easy to see in the two sisters, all sharing the same shade of deep blue eyes although the shape of both girls' eyes reflect their father's heritage. Lee is taller than her sister, yet a few inches shorter than her Italian mother. While Maria has their Chinese father's dark hair, Lee's is closer in color to their mother's brunette, although almost auburn in tone with lighter locks framing her face.


  • Some have mistakenly misheard Lee's name as "Ailee". However Sharon's line which introduced her was "Hi, Lee. How's college?"
    • Email from creator Melissa Clark confirms "Lee" used in scripts.



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