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Jill (Sister)
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Leena is a lovely teenage popstar who really just wants to have a normal life. She has a younger sister named Jill, whom she shared a room with on the few rare occassions that she was actually living at home. According to Jill, Leena was not particularly tidy, as her side of the room was always messy. She also has a cat named Fluffy, who likes to scratch the cushions, causing Ruth to always need to have them reupholstered. She loathes her agent Fred, who was a constant source of annoyance due to the demands he placed on her personal lifestyle. When she first met Sharon, she was not recognized at first, Sharon assuming she was a stunt double. This was because when not performing or otherwise appearing in public, Leena dressed casually, which made her look different than her publicly known appearance. Leena was a favorite target of tabloid journalists, who liked to create false and libelious stories about her.

At the time she met Sharon, the current stories in the press were:

  • She bathed in expensive imported mineral water (she really used regular water).
  • She stole money from her younger sister.
  • She destroyed a hotel suite in a temper tantrum because there were no chocolates under the pillow.


  • Like Sharon, Leena is also a vegetarian.
  • Leena has a wicked sense of humor, as shown by the way she mocks Fred when he isn't around. It is hinted at that Leena was responsible for Nina wearing an embarrassing "fat suit" in her "From Rags to Riches" music video, which went nationwide, done as a favor to Sharon.


"Fred, it's enough already. I don't wanna look so cheap." "I'm ravenous!" "I don't want them bigger." "I don't care! I feel like I'm wearing basketballs!" "I need a break!" "I miss Fluffy! And I miss Jill!" "I hate Fred!" "Hey, Bead Girl!" "Did you say that was........veggie?" "Aren't you supposed to be booking a spa day.....on Fred's credit card?" "It's Ok. And no, I use tap-water like everyone else." "It's crazy the lies they print about me, like trashing my hotel room over a chocolate!" "But the worst was when they wrote that I stole from my younger sister." "Are you kidding? I love her. And now I hardly get to see her." "But hey, that is the deal I sign on for, right?" "She's a nice kid."