Brock writes a school play, Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde. Sharon and Nina audition for the title roles, but Nina wins the lead because her evil Ms. Hyde is so genuinely convincing - and Sharon is assigned the part of an understudy. So Sharon tries to get Nina to drop out of the play by taking advantage of Nina's superstitious streak. Unfortunately, things go even better than Sharon had planned.


  • The stagehand hanging the light is breaking a safety rule. It states that when hanging a light at such a height, a safety chain must be used in case the clamp securing the light to the rail looses grip. The safety chain prevents the light from falling to the floor below in this scenario.
  • This episode is the only one where the orange vest girl actually speaks.
  • What Sharon says about reversing the Macbeth curse is actual theatrical tradition, although it leaves out the step about swearing (performed between spitting and knocking).