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Mr Silly (uncle)

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Sharon Spitz



Mark "Dion" Jones, is a high school student, one of the "Senior Mentors" program. As such, he was to mentor assigned to mentor Sharon.

For Sharon, meeting Dion was the best thing to happen to her in grade nine. This eccentric senior was assigned to her as a 'mentor' to help ease the transition into high school, but since then, Dion has become her close friend and confidant. His real name is Mark Jones but he prefers to go by 'Dion' in honour of the musical diva he adores, Celine Dion.

Dion is a budding fashion designer, and his innovative creations, usually made of stuff like dental floss or credit cards, are the hit of the school fashion shows. His dream is to get into the Fashion Institute in New York and go on to a fabulous career.

Sweet, flamboyant and funny, Dion has an outrageous personal style, and he always speaks his mind. He would rather stand out than fit in -and has no time for anyone who does not "get" that. When Sharon gets too hung up on what other people think of her, Dion is the first to remind her how cool she really is.

Dion is later revealed to be homosexual.

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