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  • Hello.

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  • LorenzaWithNina
    …Maria in the picture above Nina's bed? Are there any better views of it? LOL, cause if it is, it not only speaks of interesting probably former friendship dynamics in the show, but fits almost perfectly as backstory for my D.E.B.S. crossover fic…

    BTW, how are you doing?

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    • It does look like a lot like Maria.

      I can't quite make out who is in the foreground, but from the hair color/hairstyle, it might be Alyson.

      There is someone else off to the side, that might be Laney, from the hair color.

      I'll keep an eye out for a clearer shot of this image, but given that this was a capture from maybe 3 seconds of screen time and Nina's room is rarely shown, the odds are not high that one exists.

      I am well, thanks for asking.

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    • I'm *highly* curious about that picture! But even if for canon purposes we cannot learn more about it, it is *enough* for me to build a fictional backstory for it for my KP/D.E.B.S. crossover. Sharon grows worried about how close Maria and Nina are because she is initially unaware they are agents and on the same squad.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Cant you Give Me a Break it Took Me All Day and Night to Add in 

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  • Sorry for my silence, I've been ill.

    How's it going? Need anything?

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    • Sorry to hear that.
      Are you feeling better now?

      I'm pretty set for the moment, but my PC broke down, so I won't be using that anymore.
      I think I had most of the data I require though, but as my capture software was on the PC, I'll have to find another way to vidcap episodes from now on.
      I will probably need some new hardware as well, considering the capture module was in the PC and can't be migrated to my other computer as the hardware connections are incompatible.

      At the moment, I'm mostly researching replacements for the software I lost as it can't be run on my other computer.
      That's probably going to take a while to do.

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    • What connection did it use? There are backward-compatible adaptors for *everything*. And of course if the HD was not the problem, you can install that in the next one.

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    • My other computer is a laptop.
      The hardware connections are different to that of a regular computer, so none of the hardware from it can be currently installed in the laptop.
      The hardware is all internal and specific to desktop computers, so they physically cannot be connected to a laptop motherboard.

      Also, the laptop in question is a Mac, even if I could somehow attach the hardware, the software linked to the hardware would not function, as it's all windows software.

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    • Well. That is a sunny beach of a problem.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • It seems to be breaking down:

    See this image:
    Lanie Goof (Home Alone)

    The image loaded just fine, but the thumbnail didn't generate.
    Even a second upload failed to generate the thumbnail.

    It just did it again with a second and 3rd image upload.
    See Home Alone.

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    • It's not unknown for characters to change names if they suddenly move to centre stage for some reason.
      That's what I assumed happened here, when they wanted to expand on Lanie's character a bit, they changed her name.
      I also think they were using the original name as an injoke, Melissa Clark is a writer/executive producer in the series.

      Ideally, I would like to see them together before I really accept it, just so I can see for sure that there is actually two of them.
      Without a snap cut that is.

      Kim Possible background plates tend to be really bad at times.
      The only one I remember (you have to look very closely!) is when the Middleton cheerleaders are screaming abuse at Ron in Return to Camp Wannaweep and you can see Tara is also yelling at him.
      Since she's a sweet girl who hates bullying and has a crush on Ron, it's extremely out of character to see her do this.
      Also, I don't think KP has the variety of background characters that Braceface does, so when they run out of them in one sequence, they just start reusing them again because there's nobody else to fill out the scene.

      Maybe Dr Drakken is going crazy with the cloning again, he is a bit obsessed with it.
      Not that it ever works......

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    • Tara is Bonnie's right-shoulder sycophant… Hope is the left… so Tara is not nearly as sweet at all times as most make her out to be. In *Mind Games* when Ron-in-Kim is ambushed by everyone in the hallway, you can see Tara scowling at "Kim" from behind Bonnie. In *Car Trouble* Tara at Bonnie's shoulder is scowling at both Kim and Ron.

      So T seems to be easily swayed…

      Why, yes, I *do* happen to be the leading authority on the MHS Cheerleaders, why d'ya ask?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • First, thank you for all your work here. Mucho appreciado (yeah, not a real phrase, but tis mine…).

    I especially like the way you've done the Living Braces combined caps. One thought: I prefer the way they look in a 2x2 grid when more than two. Each cell is easier to see, even at the current image size in the table. Could you re-do the ones with only 3 in a 2x2 grid, just with the fourth cell an empty transparent background?

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    • Or would making them look like this be more preferable?


      This version negates the need for an empty block.

      Let me know what you think and I'll revise the file.

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    • What happens is the two smaller cells are hard to see unless clicking on the image to call up the file page. Whereas with the 2x2 all cells are easy on the eyes. I suppose an alternative to empty cells is to find a 4th image where necessary. It also makes them more uniform. Stack two caps when you have the text to balance the space; 2x1 when you don't; 2x2 for the rest.

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    • I've uploaded newer versions of the images, following the 2x2 layout.
      Oddly, the page is just displaying the older images, but stretch distorted.
      Hopefully that will fix itself in time.

      There often isn't a 4th image, it's pretty much:
      1 Cause
      2 Effect
      3 Result

      And yes, I am aware that the screencap for Second Thoughts is not following the formula, but there is a reason for that.
      The image on the right is actually a composite of a panning sequence, so it's very big!
      This was the only way I could think of to get it to mesh well with the regular size images.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Just a heads up, since I think I'm making this mistake often.

    I'm not very good with use of tense in the past perspective, since I'm into temporal (time travel) mechanics.
    In temporal mechanics, you treat every event as if it is happening now, regardless of whether it's in the past, the present or the future.

    So, if you see any past/present tense mistakes, feel free to correct them.

    I think certain statements should always use present tense, like Violet is Alden's sister, to pick an example.
    I use present tense in cases like this since it's not possible to stop being his sister.
    I make similar statements for any familial relations.

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    • So far, I've little issues with your work. I too am into temporal mechanics, at least as pertaining to fictional use.

      Yes, as long as the subject is "still alive", then present tense should be used. Your example is perfect, Violet is Alden's sister. Now, in the case where a character is stated in canon to be deceased then was is proper. For example 'Flower' was Alden's sister. She passed away yada…

      Or Helen was Richard's wife. They divorced yada…

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Haya! thanks for pitching in with editing. I'm currently focusing my energy prepping another of my wikis for an "official launch" within the next couple of weeks. After that I'll be returning my attentions back to my other wikis, including Braceface Wiki.

    One of the new directions in which I'm setting this wiki, is to have an In-Universe Viewpoint (POV). Which means instead of treating it with the real world perspective of a TV show we watch, the bulk of the wiki and articles are to be viewed from the perspective of "these things really happened", and written as if a resource Sharon herself could pick up and read.

    This means everything should be written Past Tense, because they already happened, as well as dropping any phraseology along the lines of "…is a fictional character", "…in the TV show…", "…in season…", or "…in episode…". If you would not use it to describe your day to your family, do not use it here.

    Instead *describe* events, then add episode titles in ref-notations. For example:

    Sharon had a chance to visit with Maria's family on Christmas<ref>[[Angels Among Us]]</ref>
    and add a section ==References== with the <references/> command to generate the ref-list.

    Necessary Real World info should only be in infoboxes and sections for Notes, Trivia, and Behind the Scenes.

    Any questions, please ask!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, welcome to Braceface Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Talk:Nina Harper page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • A FANDOM user
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