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Nina Harper
Nina - 101




13 (Season 1)
14 (Season 2)

Hair color:

Brown (natural)
Red (dyed)

Eye color:



Mr Harper (Father)
Ellie Harper (Mother)
Petra (cousin)


Griffin (love interest/boyfriend)


Sharon Spitz (formerly)
Alyson Malitski (formerly)


Sharon Spitz
Maria Wong
Alyson Malitski

Nina Harper was the school's beauty queen bee who bullied Sharon and her two best friends. Nina sports long waist-length red hair, which according to Sharon is not her natural hair color, but brunette. So she had dyed it for beauty, looks, charm, and vanity purposes.

Sharon and Nina were once the best of friends when they were kids, but that all changed when Nina found her dolls with their heads pulled off and blamed Sharon, even though it was her cousin Petra[1], despite Sharon pleading she did not do it. Ever since that incident Nina had been doing her best to wreck Sharon's life and those who dare attach themselves to her. For example, Nina was the one who stuck Sharon with the nickname "Braceface" when she first got braces. Despite her looks, Nina was not well liked by many kids, yet loved by adults. Although many people do not like Nina, there are some who would not mind being her since she has the money, looks, and life a lot of people would love to have. Alyson once admitted she and Nina used to smoke, but were caught by their parents and both found it really hard to quit[2]

Nina has helped Sharon on a few occasions though like when she helped Sharon look for the dog Lorenza when she went missing[3]. Later on, Sharon gave Lorenza to Nina when she revealed why she wanted a dog. Nina's aspiration in life was to be an international fashion model. Part of which reinforces her attitude as a heartless bully who subjugates those she sees as flawed to ridicule and pull spiteful pranks on. Sharon and her friends for example, such as when Nina made a fake humiliating slide show of Sharon and Maria for turning Alyson against her[4].


  • Nina wears glasses for long distance vision as she has trouble making out objects far from her. This fact was kept hidden for a year, possibly longer, until accidentally discovered by Sharon, who, as a gesture of unnoticed goodwill, kept it secret.[5]
  • Nina speaks fluent Spanish, because she often stays in Mexico.[3].
  • Nina apparently can master new skills very quickly, as demonstrated by learning to knit when it was considered "trendy" to do so because celebrities were doing it.[6]
  • Nina has very little contact with her parents, because they are frequently away from home.[3] Given that she refers often to the domestic staff, it is likely they are looking after Nina more then her parents do.
  • Nina's father gave her the nickname Popo, another fact she desired to keep confidential. Unfortunately for Nina, both Sharon and Alyson learned this information when her father revealed it to them rather publicly. Sharon used this secret to blackmail Nina, but it's unknown what Alyson did with the same knowledge.
  • Nina is very skilled at the sport of highdiving. Her signature dive is the double axle jackknife combo.
  • Unusually for the "popular girl", Nina takes pride in her high intelligence in math and science, which is normally associated with social outcasts. She also consistently gets A as a mark in every subject she studies.
  • She has a severe fear of heights.



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