Hair color:

Brunette (naturally), Red and yellow (colored)

Eye color:



Parents (unseen)
Nina Harper (cousin)
Mr. Harper (uncle)
Ellie Harper (aunt)




Sharon Spitz
Nina Harper
Anyone who meets her in person

Petra is Nina's cruel and obnoxious cousin[1].

She is basically a meaner, snobbier version of Nina Harper herself, and also dyes her hair to hide its original color. Petra always acts like everything is inferior to her, including anything to do with her cousin. Nina is apparently afraid to confront Petra for some reason, most likely due to an inferiority complex, which probably stemmed from Petra's treatment of her in the first place.

It did not take people long to dislike Petra because of her arrogant nature, as she managed to offend Sharon Spitz and her circle of friends just shortly after meeting them.

Like her cousin, Petra is obsessed with fashion, and while her taste in fashion is not necessarily "bad", in comparison to her cousin's taste in fashion, it is more gaudy than stylish. Despite this, Petra likes to claim that she has the superior fashion sense—to the point where Sharon was motivated to actually defend Nina on this issue.

When Petra came for a visit in Elkford, she casually admitted to the long ago "crime" of ripping all the heads off of her cousin's dolls, which Nina had always assumed that Sharon had done, despite never having any evidence to actually prove it. Petra doesn't give a reason on why she decapitated Nina's dolls, other than simply acknowledging that she "was a nasty little brat" as a kid.[1]


  • Petra's apparently from England. She refers to London as her hometown and speaks with a strong British accent.
    • It is possible her English accent is at least partially contrived in an attempt to sound upper class. Or Petra just had lots of elocution lessons, which teach English children to speak in a very specific manner, particularly if they're considered nobility.
  • It was never explained how Nina and Petra are cousins—like if Petra is from Nina's mother's side of the family or her father's side. Also, it's never explained how closely related they are, such as being first or second cousins (or anything else).


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