These rules will keep us all safe!

  • No nonsense articles or images.
  • No spamming, vandalizing, or trolling.
  • Infobox text entries should only include on-screen verified information.
    • No headcanoning or fanoning permitted.
  • Images for the infobox should be a head&shoulders type picture of high quality.
    • Character Infoboxes should be a screencapped image, head and shoulders with eyes open, cropped if necessary. Exceptions to include if cropping provides a poor quality image, in which case the image should make all due effort to *isolate* the character from others in the image.
    • Here is a Template to use for creating new character pages. Edit the page, copy the source code and paste it into your new page to use the code.

  • No contributions intended to endorse a political standpoint/issue.
    • Even indirect campaigning will not be tolerated.
  • No vulgar language.
  • No pornographic or explicit content or images.
  • No threatening other users or the cast/crew.
  • No editing the User Pages of others.
    • Be advised: Admins may edit any User Pages which break any of the above, but only minimally as to remove violating content.