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Sharon is considered kind of a nerd with braces. Alden is the handsome, wonderful guy that all of the girls love. In the beginning of the series, Sharon obsesses over Alden and after a lot of flirting, they actually do end up going out. They are a really cute couple. It's nice to see the main character finally get the amazing guy that they'd been dreaming about.

The two are really sweet together. And at first, everything seems like it's going great. However, Sharon has to evolve as a character before Alden can remain as her boyfriend. Unfortunately, Sharon is very insecure and one of her insecurities end up leading Alden to dump her.

Sharon grows as a kind, confident, more-laid back person as the series progresses. Eventually, Alden ends up realizing that he is still in love with Sharon and they get back together in the final episode of the series "Leap of Faith." They end up really loving each other. This couple grows as the series progresses. It starts out in eighth grade and ends somewhere in the end of high school.

In a blooper of the series, Sharon and Alden are making out in a janitors closet for 5 mins, but are found by Maria and Brock (their friends) and then Sharon blushes and Alden scraches his head.

Sharon-Alden Moments

Season 1

1.01. Brace Yourself

  • In the opening credits, Alden is playing his guitar near Sharon and she smiles at him but looks upset when he is dragged away by Nina as does Sharon.
  • Sharon tells Maria and Connor she's waiting for Alden to ask her to the dance.
  • Sharon notices Alden walk into the cafeteria and sighs dreamily.
  • Alden walks past Nina and Allison to Sharon's table.
  • Alden overhears Sharon mashing their last names together as if they were married but doesn't say anything about it.
  • Alden asks Sharon to sit at her table and asks her to the dance and she accepts.
  • Sharon tries to prevent Alden from seeing her new braces in fears that he won't like her anymore.
  • They bump into each other and Alden asks her if she's alright and make plans to when he'll pick her up for the dance.
  • Sharon hears through her braces Nina breaking her date with Alden for the dance and is upset when he hears Nina ask him out.
  • Alden wants to call Sharon and figure things out and Sharon smiles at this.
  • Sharon overhears Alden saying he really doesn't want to go with "her" but Sharon thinks he's talking about her.
  • Maria tells Sharon that Alden has a thing for Sharon.
  • Sharon tries to talk to Alden over the phone about their date but are cut off because of her braces.
  • Sharon is upset to see Alden and Nina dancing together at the dance.
  • Sharon and Alden find eachother in the crowd and Alden smiles saying "you're here."
  • Alden and Sharon start to walk over to each other before Alden is pulled away by Nina.
  • Alden looks at Sharon as he is being dragged away.

1.08. The Worst First Date Ever. Period.

  • Sharon smiles when she notices Alden riding over to where she and Maria are ridding their bikes.
  • Alden and Sharon have some small talks before he shyly clears his throat and asks her to come the opening of his parents' new restaurant and go rollerblading afterwards.
  • Sharon is so happy she falls off her bike.
  • Alden makes a move to get off his bike and help Sharon up but she tells him "she's got it."
  • Maria responds with "finally" after witnessing Alden ask Sharon out.
  • Sharon goes shopping for something to wear for her date with Alden.
  • Sharon worries over remembering Alden's sisters' names; this means she cares about what his family thinks of her.
  • Sharon wonders what's up with Alden's voice while he's working.
  • Adlen hands Sharon a towel after water squirts to her face.
  • Alden holds Sharon's hand while their rollerblading (to get her to slow down).
  • Alden worries about Sharon when her stomach starts hurting and helps her sit down.
  • Alden calls 911 for Sharon because he's worried about her, even after she tells him not to.
  • Sharon tells Alden what to give to her brothers.
  • Alden blushes when the nurse tells him about Sharon's cramp being part of her period.
  • Sharon skates away after being embarrased for dropping her pads but Alden still skates after her.
  • Alden offers to take Sharon home and offers Sharon advice about how to deal with her period.
  • Alden feels embarrased that his voice kept cracking during his date with Sharon.
  • Alden smiles at Sharon when he sees her at gym.
  • Alden decides to stay away from Sharon because he thinks he'll "scare her away" because of his cracking voice,
  • Sharon didn't want Alden to think she was a wimp just because she had her period.
  • Alden runs over to Sharon and helps her up when she falls trying to do gymnastics.
  • Sharon, in her dream, sees Alden jump off a moon and rollerskate past her as she smiles.

1.17. The Secret

  • They kiss for the first time in this episode.

Season 2

Season 3

3.04. Remember When

  • Sharon tries to greet Alden (and Marlo) at the park but Brock interrupts her.
  • Sharon feels guilty about Alden getting hurt.
  • Alden loses his memory and thinks he is still dating Sharon.
  • Alden had been asking for Sharon (his girlfriend) after waking up.
  • After coming out, Alden walks over to Sharon and puts his arm around her.
  • After Sharon got a strike, Alden complimented her and was walking to hug her before getting sidetracked by Maria.
  • Alden walks Sharon home, holds her hands, kisses her goodnight and wishes her sweet dreams.
  • Alden looks upset when he sees Sharon talking with Bailey but cheers up when she walks over to sit with him.
  • Alden teases Sharon about her liking Bailey and she nudges his shoulder jokingly.
  • Alden and Sharon go to the movies together and Sharon hides in Alden's chest and he wraps his arm around her.
  • Alden walks Sharon home again and he kisses her goodnight, but this time they kiss longer.
  • Sharon likes the kiss but freaks out because of it and says they can't kiss until she gets ride of her "cold."
  • She feels like she's falling in love with him again
  • Alden rubs ketchup on Sharon's nose and they both laugh together.
  • Alden calls Sharon to see if she's okay and if she needs anything.
  • Alden confronts Sharon about Bailey jealously.
  • Alden knows how Sharon is when she has a cold.
  • Alden confesses he loves Sharon to her before regaining his memory.
  • Alden puts his hand over Sharon's when telling her he should know what's bothering her.
  • Alden admits to loving Sharon even if he never says it out loud.
  • Sharon looks upset when Alden regains his memory.
  • Sharon decides not to be with Bailey because she wants to resolve her feelings for Alden, even though she denies its Alden to Bailey.
  • Sharon looks uncomfartable when she and Maria run into Marlo and Alden at the park.
  • Alden remembers Sharon's favorite time of the year is Spring; she told him this when he had amnesia.
  • Alden looks back at Sharon as he walks away with Marlo and Sharon smiles at him.

3.17. The Looooong Weekend

  • Sharon helped Alden write a song.
  • Alden dedicated the new song to Sharon.
  • Sharon compliments Alden on the show and he thanks her.
  • Sharon sounds bummed that Alden has to work the long weekend.
  • Sharon says cottages are romantic and immedietly after she says so Alden invites her to his cottage for the weekend. (Inviting everyone else after Marlo looks at him)
  • Sharon offers to help Alden with his project.
  • Alden picks up on the fact that Marlo is jealous of he and Sharon's past relarionship.
  • Alden tries to uninvite Sharon but can't do it to her face and opts to call her in the morning instead.
  • Sharon knows that Alden's favortie piece of clothing is his cargo pants with the torn back pockets; something Marlo didn't even know.
  • Alden looks visibly upset when he sees Sharon leave the car to take a bus back hom (she overheard him and Maria talking about how she was uninvited)
  • Sharon doesn't want to wreck Alden and Marlo's relationship.
  • Alden looks happy to see Sharon.
  • Alden shows Sharon where she will sleep and he smile softly at her when she rambles on how she doesn't take up that much space.
  • Alden looks unsure of whether to leave with Marlo or stay with Sharon until Sharon urges him to go.
  • Alden looks at Sharon's hair to see if a bee was there.
  • Sharon offers Alden a plant that she found which ends up giving them poison ivy.
  • Sharon accidently knocks over Alden and Marlo's canoe and is upset for doing so.
  • Sharon finds a baby loon and calls Alden to help.
  • Sharon overhears Marlo breaking up with Alden and runs away when they find her.
  • Alden comes looking for Sharon after she runs away.
  • Alden brings Sharon the calamine lotion Sharon dropped.
  • Sharon offers to talk about anything that might be bothering him but Alden shakes his head and smiles saying "it's cool."
  • Alden offers Sharon to stay but she refuses but he tries to convince her once more anyways.
  • Sharon feels confused and doesn't want to get in the way of Alden figuring out his feelings.

3.25. Vegging Out

  • Alden and Sharon converse after taking their Algebra test and share what they want to do to relax.
  • Alden looks upset when Sharon passes up for smoothies at Life Cycles but tries to cover it up.
  • He tells he was going to treat her to a smoothie but she shrugs and smiles.
  • Sharon puts her hand on Alden's shoulder and gives Alden the idea to give Maria a new helmet as an apology gift.
  • Alden mentions to Maria that it looks like Sharon doesn't have any energy.
  • Alden comes with Brock and Maria to see how Sharon was.
  • Alden looks at his flexed arm when Sharon talks about Cody and how obvious it is he works out and looks upset.
  • Alden jealously tells Sharon that they have to leave.
  • While Alden, Maria and Brock are leaving Alden is flexing his arms and Sharon smiles at this.
  • Alden shows Sharon the helmet the band got for Maria.
  • Alden tells Sharon how sorry he is about Sharon having to give up being a vegeterian and asks her what she's planning to do.
  • Alden worries over Sharon's well being, not necessarily the fact that she would have to give up being a vegeterian.
  • Sharon walks away from Alden and right after he lifts up a magazine with a bulky man lifting weights; meaning he still hasn't forgotten about Sharon's liking of guys working out.
  • Alden and Sharon laugh together when they see Maria freaking out over her "stolen" helmet.
  • Alden and Sharon walk together after giving Maria her gift andshe offers to buy him a tofu chili dog.
  • Alden likes meat but is willing to eat tofu chili dogs for Sharon.
  • At the end of the episode Brock tells Sharon and Maria Alden spained his wrist lifting weights as he smiles bashfully.
  • It is implied Alden was lifting weights in order to impress Sharon.

Sharon-Alden Photo Gallery

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