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Unknown, possibly late teens or early 20s

Hair color:


Eye color:




Love Interests:

Do you think he could find a girl who would put up with his ego?




Sharon Spitz

Taylor Knight is a self-centered, temperamental and egotistic singer. But he manages to hide these attitudes whenever in public and dealing with corporate executives/PR representatives.

When Sharon found herself suddenly without a date for Prom Night, Lauren arranged for Taylor Knight to accompany her as a publicity stunt.[1]

At first Sharon was excited to be going with Taylor, but shortly after meeting him, she realized what kind of person he truly was and lost interest in him.

She was relieved when he had to cancel the date at short notice due to recieving an electromagnetic blast from her braces earlier in the day.
Especially once she realized she was nothing more then a prop to make him look good.

After meeting him, Sharon stopped being his fan.


"No, it's just a coincidence that my limo is the same color as my eyes."

" How do you think the interview went, Lauren?"

"Pleased to meet you, Karen."

"Like this?"

"Hey! I'm light sensitive. Can we hurry this up?! That light just gave me a splitting headache!"

"And can she not smile?! Her braces are so bright, they almost blew out of light, man!"

"I'm outta here! My head's exploding!"


  • Taylor will color co-ordinate everything to match his eye color, including his limo, his date's makeup and the clothing worn by aforementioned date. When asked about this, he'll lie and claim it's just a coincedence.
  • Taylor is the first person to be directly hit by one of Sharon's electromagnetic blasts, which had severe effects on his health.



  1. A Knight to Remember

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