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  • Buckmana

    Seeing as I am having trouble co-relating the Australian education system and the one used in Braceface, I figured I should post my notes here and see if anyone can clear up the confusion.

    This is how our school system is organized:

    Kindergarten Children around 5 years or younger
    Primary School, Up to Grade 6 Age 12 in Grade 6
    High School, Grades 7 to 10 13 in grade 7, 16 in grade 10
    College, Grades 11 to 12 17-18

    Which is why I'm confused as to how Sharon at the age of 14 can be counted in grade 9.
    If she was in Australia, to be in grade 9 at 14 would mean she'd been skipped directly from grade 7 to grade 9 without doing grade 8 inbetween.

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  • Buckmana

    I was wondering what Sharon would be like if she found a way to control her electromagnetic powers?

    I reasoned she'd need a metallic battlesuit to focus and release the charge in a controlled manner.

    So I came up with this concept:
    The one on the left is her battlesuit.
    The one on the left is an insulating bodysuit she wears under the battlesuit.

    Battlesuit Specifications
    The suit is composed of a durable, but flexible metallic cloth.
    The gloves of the suit fire electromagnetic blasts. They will also generate a magnetic attraction to metallic objects, which can be used to pull them towards/repel them from Sharon or create an unbreakable grip to metallic surfaces.
    The soles of the boots will magnetize to metallic surfaces and will also deliver a el…

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  • Buckmana

    Animals I have known

    January 11, 2014 by Buckmana

    This is an article about animals I've known during my life. Keep in mind some of these photos are a bit old and given the relatively short lifespan of animals, some of them are no longer in the land of the living.

    Let's start with my pets: Sleepy This was my dog, a mixed breed Jack Russell Terrier. I have no idea who the father was, the mother got out and came back pregnant. Since the puppies were not purebred, the owners sold them cheap at a school market.

    I also bred cavies, but more for intelligence then breed standards, which is why I often ended up with a mixed breed animal.

    Fuzzy The eldest guinea pig, not very sociable.
    Named for the distinctive fur pattern (it's a show breed feature).

    Squeaky I named him this because he was the most voc…

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  • Buckmana

    Just a little informal thesis I've been working on for a while now.

    I was reading a book on the raising of rats as pets (because I was curious about how it would be different from keeping cavies) and in the chapter on nutrition, it defined what rats need to consume. Short version, 85% plant material, 15% fish, since that's what they consume in the wild. The book referred to this as a textbook omnivorous diet.

    Later on, I heard that (in terms of biology), humans have the same dietary requirements as rats. Which made me wonder, why have we (as a species) so obviously resisted what nature has decreed?

    I've heard the argument time and again that we're meant to be carnivores.

    But all you have to do to refute that is look inside your mouth. If we we…

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  • Buckmana

    I am experimenting with some character concept images for fanart purposes. Here is my initial test batch.

    Some background for my process. Since I sometimes work on Crossover art (I have an idea for Kim Possible meeting Sharon), if there are incompatiblities in the artwork style, I try to fix it so the images look compatible.

    In this case, I had to smooth out the sharp angles on the cheek and forehead. It was tricky to do that and keep the characters looking close enough to their original versions.

    Sharon and Nina in particular had to be completely reworked, as their initial versions weren't very good. These two are the only ones I am 100% happy with.

    Maria, I'd give her a 90% rating. Alyson, 80%. I'm not sure how to rate Alden.

    Connor is the on…

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