Braceface Character Concepts

I am experimenting with some character concept images for fanart purposes. Here is my initial test batch.

Some background for my process. Since I sometimes work on Crossover art (I have an idea for Kim Possible meeting Sharon), if there are incompatiblities in the artwork style, I try to fix it so the images look compatible.

In this case, I had to smooth out the sharp angles on the cheek and forehead. It was tricky to do that and keep the characters looking close enough to their original versions.

Sharon and Nina in particular had to be completely reworked, as their initial versions weren't very good. These two are the only ones I am 100% happy with.

Maria, I'd give her a 90% rating. Alyson, 80%. I'm not sure how to rate Alden.

Connor is the one I am least certain I did a good job on, so will need the most feedback on him.

Can I get please some feedback on whether or not they look reasonably like their original versions? If you looked at my work, could you recognize them as who they are?

I'm not very good with faces, so am asking this question in case I did a poor job with some of them. If I failed in any particular attempt, I want to know so I can try and make a better version.

I wish I didn't have to say this, but in light of a recent incident I heard about fanart theft (it was a big one and the offender is still doing it!), by viewing the image, you are agreeing not to misrepresent the image as your own creation or reuse it without my direct, written permission. The image is exclusive for the use of the Braceface Wikia only. --Buckmana (talk) 10:47, January 2, 2014 (UTC)

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