I was wondering what Sharon would be like if she found a way to control her electromagnetic powers?

I reasoned she'd need a metallic battlesuit to focus and release the charge in a controlled manner.

So I came up with this concept:

Sharon's battlesuit

The one on the left is her battlesuit.
The one on the left is an insulating bodysuit she wears under the battlesuit.

Battlesuit Specifications
The suit is composed of a durable, but flexible metallic cloth.
The gloves of the suit fire electromagnetic blasts. They will also generate a magnetic attraction to metallic objects, which can be used to pull them towards/repel them from Sharon or create an unbreakable grip to metallic surfaces.
The soles of the boots will magnetize to metallic surfaces and will also deliver a electromagnetic pulse if Sharon kicks something.

The shoulderplates of the suit will generate an electromagnetic pulse if Sharon slams it into something.

Bodysuit Specifications
The bodysuit has no specific abilities of it's own, it's a control interface for the battlesuit.

General Specifications
The device in the center of her chestplate is a quick release mechanism, when it is pressed, the suit opens a hidden seam down the middle so Sharon can remove it.
A similar mechanism is incorporated into the bodysuit.

This mechanism is biometrically secured, only Sharon and Maria have the ability to activate it, anyone else who tries will just get a nasty shock.
This is to prevent the suit and the incorporated technology from being stolen.

They are keyed to respond only to Sharon's biometrics and the electromagnetic field of her braces. If anyone else were to try to use the suit, it wouldn't work for them.
Not to mention the locking device would prevent you from actually opening it and putting it on in the first place.

I'm going to see if I can come up with a sidekick costume for Maria next.
I'm not sure what to do yet, as I don't have any firm ideas for her outfit.

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