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    Josh Spitz, or whom I'd like to call, Joshua Chauncy Orville Spitz (not his real name, I gave him that name just for fun, but I would like that to be his name, at least the Orville part), is my most favorite character on Braceface and my main reason for watching Braceface. I like almost all the episodes that feature him. The episodes that don't feature him, don't mean that much to me, but it's still a good show. Josh has also been one of my most favorite cartoon characters in existence. I liked him since 2004, when Braceface was on Disney Channel (on basic cable) back in 2004-2005, and my interest in him increased in early 2005. He also reminded me of Jim and Tim Possibe from Kim Possible (which is also a Disney cartoon)

    Josh is really cuteā€¦

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