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Unknown parents


Sharon Spitz (formerly)
Nina Harper


Sharon Spitz
Maria Wong
Nina Harper(formerly)

Winnie is fellow student at Sharon's high school.[1]

She likes literature. At first Winnie is lonely, as Nina and her new sidekicks bullied her. Sharon gets acquainted with her, until things go a little too far and take a long turn for the worse, causing Sharon to end her friendship, as she got Sharon separated from Connor MacKenzie and Maria Wong. So she ends up going into the girls' bathroom sobbing her eyes out. Nina cheers her up and helps to get back at Sharon Spitz. Adam becomes disappointed in her younger sister for not trusting Winnie. Sharon tries to become friends with her, until she realizes Winnie has turned her back on her. After that, she moves again. She is not seen again for the remainder of the series.



"It's code for Sharon's poem is gonna blow yours away!" - to Nina

"Nice to meet you. Nice Grip. Are you a body bodybuilder?" - introducing herself to Adam.

"My pet mouse is called Houdini"

"And Sharon did it the right way!" - mouthing off to Maria.

"You know what I think, Sharon? I think you were just using me! I helped with your audition, I built up your confidence, and now you don't need me anymore! So you're ditching me! All I wanted was to be your friend! (sobbing) - ending her friendship with Sharon.

"I don't have a problem. Sharon's the one with problem!" - explaining what had happened to Nina.

"I'm not here to see you. I'm here with a friend." - Winnie telling Sharon that she is now Nina's friend.

"What did you expect after throwing that hissy fit?" - Winnie agreeing with Nina.


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